Monday, August 12, 2013

Cambodia: Through the Eyes of a Survivor/Tourist/Former Resident

December 2012.  After finishing his book, Marin took a trip back to Cambodia.  It was his 3rd time back since 2000, and this time he brought a camera with him. 

What's in the clip?

A sneak peak of boats on the water, insects as delicacies (spiders!), schools, and just everyday general life in Cambodia.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Key to Success

The KEY to success starts from “YOU”.

I have written a book about how I lived and survived as an orphaned child surviving in a war torn country.  The title of my book is called “The Last One,” a true story of my personal life

Writing this book has thus far been the most challenging experience of my life. It took me approximately 7 years to get published. What motivated me to write this book was that I wanted to share my feelings of HOPE. HOPE is the key ingredient of life. A life without HOPE is like a LIFE without dream.  I believe that when there is a HOPE there is a dream.